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At DealersEDGE Asia, we provide any services that is beneficial to any business in automotive industry. We can assess your business, give solutions, train your staff, re-assess and provide you with one-of-a-kind DMS/CRM solution!

Up-to-date & Comprehensive Solutions

We are always striving for up-to-date & comprehensive solutions for our clients. We help your business not only from A-Z solutions but with on- going support and contributive advices!

Expert Trainers & Consultants

With over 20 years of experience helping businesses to find comprehensive solutions in automotive industry, our trainers & consultants can give you the best solution to shoot your business to the star!

Our Services

Dealer Performance Exellence

Dealer Performance Exellence

We deliver your team a sales transformation program enabling your dealer to enhance your retail competitiveness

CRM Solution

CRM Solutions

We have our localized CRM system to help your dealer manage and optimize all sales activities

Sales Training

Sales Training

We train and coach your sales team with a successfully proven and structured program that is most suitable to your company

Market Research

Market Research

We can assure to bring your companies the best insights from customers through our Market Entry or Feasibility Studies

Aftersales Training

Aftersales Training

We accompany with your service team to ensure that they have essential practices to handle all techniques which were taught

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

We can help you from formulating your marketing strategy to putting your marketing team together then planning and executing those strategies into real life

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Our Partners

After being trained by Mr. Paul Thang Nguyen in his sales training program, I gained more experience that helped me to sell car better. Furthermore, by applying those knowledge, I became runner-up in Selling Contest organized by Hyundai Thanh Cong.

Mr. Nam Dương Sales Team Leader at Hyundai

Thanks to Mr. Paul’s sharing on his sales training course delivered to Hyundai Ngoc Phat, all staff at Hyundai Ngoc Phat gained more sales skills, worked in a more professional way and achieved positive sales performance. Besides, his CRM system - SalesEDGE is fantastic! Since Hyundai Ngoc Phat uses SalesEDGE, our dealer works in a more logical, professional ways and achieves positive results.

Ms. Huỳnh Dao Sales Team Leader at Hyundai

After taking part in Mr. Paul’s training courses, I have achieved “top sales consultant” award of Suzuki Hong Phuong from a person doesn’t know anything about automotive industry. From all experience that Mr. Paul shares, I feel more confident and it helps me a lot in taking care of customers.    

Ms. Ngọc Tú Sales Consultant at Suzuki