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DealersEDGE Asia, in collaboration with Piaggio’s board of directors, organized the “Advanced Communication Training Course”, which began on October 12, 2022, with the goal of assisting Piaggio’s retailers and dealers in becoming firmer in communicating with customers or dealing with any circumstances that may arise during work hours.


With these objectives in mind, we – DealersEDGE Asia consulted with Piaggio’s management and resources that we had researched and collected over the years to develop the most comprehensive and professional training curriculum. Following the training session, participants have a fundamental understanding of being a spokesperson and providing a customer experience that meets the company’s requirements. Furthermore, they are given various and efficient communication types in diverse methods. Attendees can gain a better understanding of themselves and learn how to regulate their behavior when engaging with customers. The training course also attempts to ensure that participants fully comprehend the significance of customer focus, or customer experience, in their positions. Moreover, expertise and information regarding customer service, dealing with difficult clients, and the customer’s voice are also emphasized. 

The lively discussion atmosphere of the attendees


Attendees also get the opportunity to fully grasp the brand – Piaggio’s essence – by participating in a range of activities that include their own five senses in the theory. They are also encouraged to be more enthusiastic and creative when working in groups so that they can be more critical thinkers and come up with the greatest idea for the team. That is the most viable way for bringing out the best in them, which they are always eager to do. As a result, Piaggio’s employees will be bolder and more determined while conversing with consumers and encouraging them to purchase a vehicle.

Piaggio’s employees are put in a variety of settings where they may use their own communication skills to solve difficulties by role-playing as a salesperson and a customer. Attendees may then put themselves in the shoes of the consumers to better understand and sympathize with them. They also have greater expertise in dealing with customer issues.

We, the DealersEDGE Asia team, are extremely pleased for the opportunity to contribute to Piaggio Corporation’s success. Sincerely, we hope Piaggio flourishes and grows stronger over time.

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