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DealersEDGE Asia has recently organized “Dedicated Sales Training” training which is specially designed for sales team of Suzuki Direct Shops in six days, with two separate courses 07th  – 09th January, 2019 and 15th  – 17th January, 2019. The course was divided into three parts, including: basic general sales knowledge, car sales and practice with new model of Suzuki cars.

The participants did not have to learn knowledge and information that the speaker shared passively, but they grabbed the chance to discuss related issues, to share more about their own obstacles and real cases that they have experienced.





As a result, there were more realistic the problems shared, the course became more and more interesting and useful as practical solutions could be generated. Besides, all participants practiced immediately all shared tips such as persuasion skills, sales closing techniques with customers in some particular circumstances.




Additionally, the realistic sharing of Mr. Huynh Thanh Hoa and Mr. Nguyen Thai Hoang – representatives of VISUCO training department, have contributed to the effectiveness of this dedicated sales training.


In addition, we completed “train the trainer” session, which not only help Suzuki training department to be expert in new employee onboarding and leverage their sales team, but also giving them opportunities to practice training and sharpen coaching skills.  





After “Dedicated Sales Training” training, DealersEDGE Asia hopes that all participants will acquire helpful and practical knowledge which can help their sell cars easier and achieve expected KPI earlier.

Contact DealersEDGE Asia now for helpful information on sales training courses customized for your own dealers through email or (028) 6258 1508.