CRM solution


Nowadays, CRM (Customer – relationship Management) software is a must-have tool for every business to manage their sales activities, opportunities and marketing process effectively with an advanced data and predictive analytics engine.

How can we help YOU?
With over 15 years of implementation experience and training on top DMS/CRM systems, we believe in helping your dealers build more profitable and valuable relationships with your customers, then, sell more cars!

We offer flexible, robust and cost-effective solution called SalesEDGE, a low-cost agile CRM system that is specially developed for the unique Vietnam auto industry.

Customer Buying Journey - From Showrom to Ride Car Home



SalesEDGE is a CRM designed for Automotive industry.

SalesEDGE help managers and investor manage and supervise 95% of sales process.
SalesEDGE follow up the sales process from the begining to close deal & delivery.

SalesEDGE help manage date, stock, service effectiveness.

Functions of SalesEDGE

Customer management

Quotation & Contact Management

Sales process management

Opportunities management

Compaign management

Email Automation

SMS Template

Mail mix

Compain management.

Frequent asked questions & knowledge management

SMS / email automation and reminder.

Product and service alert.

Automation reminder, extend duration reminder

Vehicle management via status, chassis, engine details, color / interior …
Distribute the vehicle to the customer after the vehicle is approved / consigned.
Attach a delivery note when the vehicle ships to the customer.
Track orders / purchases, invoices …
Easy to filter by individual.

Display real-time sales KPIs.
Track calls, meeting appointments and emails.
Track test and conversion drives.
Sequence of recurring events, such as sales tracking.
Share the calendar with the Service or delivery logistics staff.
Operation history.
Email notification.

How can SALESEDGE help you?


Increase revenue & benefit
Development of bespoke programs for existing and new prospects
KPI Sales and Principle
Principles of customer tracking
Oppotunity management
Sales & marketing automation


Build trust and social system
Complaints system
Set up CSI point system
SMS / Birthday automation
New products / services announced via SMS / Zalo
Auto service reminder
Insurance reminder


Minimize cost & effort
Sales Management
Price management
Contract management
Sales forecast accuracy
Mobile CRM functionality
Inventory management
Delivery process

Why you should choose DealersEGDE ?

SalesEDGE helps dealers sell more cars, take better care of their customers, and better manage their resources and opportunities.
This is a product developed by DealersEDGE Asia with many years of experience in the industry followed by the best training support in the country.
We help many Hyundai dealers sell the best product on the market with our CRM system.
SalesEDGE will help companies adopt and monitor “Best Practices” while remaining transparent and proactive.