dealer optimization

Dealer Performance Excellence

  • DealersEDGE has designed sales transformation program enabling dealers to enhance their retail competitiveness which includes sales effectiveness, operational excellence and customer experience.
  • It is a closed loop dealer performance management process to accelerate every phase of sales life cycle which encompasses performance evaluation, coaching execution and continuous monitoring to sell more cars
  • The approach bases on a comprehensive analysis of dealer individual performance that determine the content and timeline of the on-site coaching.

Program Objective

The objective of Dealer Performance Excellence program is to improve dealer performance using standardized coaching approach.

The program covers sales and service business dimension with end-to-end functional capabilities across CRM, Customer Service, Finance Management and HR Management.

Dealer Performance Excellence Program Framework

With our Dealer Performance Excellence program, we cover all aspect of an automotive business from Sales, Service to HR, Finance.

  • In sales, we cover sales process, sales operation & facility management.
  • In service, we take care of your service process and service operation. Customer data management, lead management and marketing management is covered with our CRM session.
  • In customer service, we cover customer care, customer complaint.
  • In terms of financial management, Dealer Performance Excellence program can touch revenue, profit and liquidity aspect.
  • And to the core of any business – Human resource, Dealer Performance Excellence program cover organization management, employee retention and training.

We consult and train with real market situations so that dealer management can gain real experience and apply to their everyday business operation.

Comprehensive and practical training

The implementation program includes KPI analysis, Agency health check, intensive training and monitoring with toolsets for Dealers in Vietnam in the first stage.