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After Sales Training at Piaggio Vietnam

After Sales Training at Piaggio Vietnam

When communicating a ‘love brand,’ we don’t focus on features, nor do we stress the benefits. We emphasize creating legendary moments for customers internally and externally. It’s all about the emotions that people experience with the brand. This is how Piaggio Vietnam is making Vespa more intimate with Vietnamese people. And with Vespa, it wasn’t too difficult for 153 participants from 52 dealers to fall in love and become ambassadors – again!


Began on October 12, 2022, DealersEDGE Asia, in collaboration with Piaggio’s board of directors, organized the ‘Advanced Communication Training Course,’ to assist Piaggio’s retailers and dealers in becoming firmer in communicating with customers effectively while spreading the proud of their brand.


We, the DealersEDGE Asia team, are extremely pleased for the opportunity to contribute to Piaggio Corporation’s success. Sincerely, we hope Piaggio flourishes and grows stronger over time.




October 12, 2022


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