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Alternating with “Digital Marketing for Passenger Car”, “Suzuki Celerio Product Training” was also organized by DealersEDGE Asia, incorporated with VISUCO, in order to train Suzuki salespersons not only to sell Suzuki Celerio more effectively but also to become a professional Youtuber during February and March, 2019.

Before selling anything, everybody needs to understand it first.

With that perspective, we tried our best to bring firm grasp of Suzuki Celerio to participants. Besides, participants also had a chance to glean information and make comparison between Suzuki Celerio and other competitors in the same segment. Attendees find it extremely beneficial to spend time figuring out outstanding features and strengths of their product, as a result, they will not hesitate to propose optimal solutions to customers.

Understanding product is not enough, salesperson have to be skillful and clever when persuading customers.

By attending this training course, participants have a chance to role-play as a customer and a salesperson in various scenarios contributed by themselves. That is an ideal chance for them to enhance their flexibility in dealing with fastidious customers. Consequently, Suzuki salespersons become more and more self-confident in winning customers over and selling more cars.

To continue series of Digital Marketing for Passenger Car, we involved Youtube marketing, especially practice making videos, in this training course.

Each attendee had a wonderful opportunity to actually be a main character in their own videos of presenting Suzuki Celerio. DealersEDGE Asia team was in charge of a directing and filming in order to assist attendees to produce great videos. After completing recording and post-producing, we also instruct participants how to create amazing Youtube thumbnails and publish videos with vivid description.

We, DealersEDGE Asia team, are heartily glad that we were given a chance to contribute to the development of Vietnam Suzuki Corporation. Sincerely, we hope Suzuki to flourish and bring more values to Vietnam automotive industry.


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