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In todays’s global market, companies are actively and continuously searching for more sales volumn, brand awareness and business stability with sustainability. Once a market is stable, company must look for new chances from another country. However, it is a hard math equation to put your money into a country that you have never been there before. That’s why companies often consider Market Entry as a way to achieve their strategic objectives and look for a suitable market penetration. Using insight-driven research, companies can evaluate their entry strategy in context of risks and opportunities. With those researches, companies can more confidently select a mode of entry such as Foreign Direct Investment, Licensing, Franchising and Strategic Alliances.

How Can We Help YOU?

With our experienced team from project management and development, we can assure to bring your companies the best insights from customers through our Market Entry or Feasibility Studies. We conduct studies through many channels, including but not limited to: pilot test, pilot questionnaire, face-to-face interview, in-depth interview with field experts, statistical reports from trusted channels.

We not only deliver studies, we also propose potential solutions, projects or business that suits with your resources and match with market situation. You are free to choose and question us with any projects that we propose. With our “One-stop shop” mindset, we can plan, monitor and develop your project in Vietnam or any elsewhere with our variety of partners coming from all over the world.

Contact us today through for our free consultation and let us do what we are good at with the aim of maximizing your benefit!