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Deliver the best experience to your customers

One fact that all managerial levels in the automotive industry must know is that “After-sales is where profits come from.” Obviously, after-sales is the backbone of any car business that contributes to long-term relationships with your customers and your business sustainability.

However, maintaining after-sales performance still remains uncertain as it is defined by customer experience. With the aim of helping both car brands and car dealers in delivering the best customer experience in the after-sales area, DealersEDGE Asia will invest time and effort in your business’s current situation and bring out the best solution.

How can we help you?

Mysterious shopping or our health-check questionnaire will help us to understand more about your business and your after-sales quality. After carefully assessing your situation, our experts will advise you with better processes, better operation methods, and techniques. Also, we will train your service representative – service advisor, to be the Super Service Advisor with our program “Super Service Advisor”.

Besides, we have our unique training center, where your technicians can be taught all skills with practical methods. At our training center, machines and training materials are always ready for practice. All of our consultations and training will definitely help your business grow better in terms of after-sales quality.

We accompany your service team to ensure that they have essential practices to implement all techniques which were taught.

Contact us today through for free consultation and see HOW we can take your aftersales business to a new level.