Vinfast – Vietnamese car brand reaching out to the world

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Vinfast has moved so fast from Paris Motor Show to Geneva Motor Show.


(Source: Thethao247)

Vinfast showed off model V8, a black SUV developed from Lux SA 2.0 concept platform, in the booth of Magna Steyr, a Vinfast’s strategic partner, which is responsible for production and transmission technology for the Vinfast’s products.

What amazes everybody most is the variation in V8 engine which uses a 6.2 litre, 455 horsepower rather than the original 228 horsepower, 2 litre BMW engine. The firm supposes that the maximum speed would be over 300km/h.

The Lux V8 will be a limited edition piece that will be marketed in 2020. No official price has been declared yet.


Vinfast V8 appearing in Geneva Motor Show has captured not only local but also international media. On 5th March, Carscoops, the famous automotive webzine, expressed a great interest in the new car model of Vinfast, V8, through an article with headline “Vinfast Lux V8 Is A Posh 455HP Vietnamese SUV That Can Hit 186MPH (300 km/h)”


Those remarkable events happen to convince that Vinfast – Vietnamese first car brand is reaching out to the world and breaking all barriers. Let’s stay tuned to explore what Vinfast will do next as our nation’s car brand.